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Men's President's Cup Final Due

Men’s President’s Cup  
Entry Deadline: Sunday, April 16th  
Fee:  HTF Eligible

Description: This is a yearlong individual match play tournament using 100% of your handicap. The handicaps used will be your lowest handicap since April 16th. First round matches will be posted on April 18th and will be seeded by a blind draw. Players 59 and under must play the Black Tees, players 60-69 may play the Red Tees, and players 70 and over may play the Silver Tees. The appropriate USGA handicap adjustments will be made for  players playing from different tees. A player must compete from the same tees throughout the event.   

Match Deadlines:    

  • 1st  Match due on or before Monday, May 7th
  • 2nd Match due on or before Sunday, June 4
  • 3rd  Match due on or before Tuesday, July 4th
  • 4th  Match due on or before Sunday, August 6th
  • 5th Match due on or before Sunday, Sept. 3rd
  • Final Match due on or before Sunday, Sept. 24th
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